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Certified Organic Fabric, Poly Free, Eco Friendly Dye!

Park History

Apple Park was founded in San Francisco with a vision to create environmentally responsible and luxurious products for babies and children. Apple Park's Picnic Pals were inspired by classic children's toys, reinvented with the finest eco-friendly materials available.

From a family of experienced toy makers, Apple Park's founder, Angie Ting, set out to create the line of eco-friendly products with her two young children in mind. Her concern for the health of babies, the environment and social issues derived from conventional farming, were her inspiration. She formed a partnership with Pate International, a highly respected San Francisco design firm known for their environmentally conscious designs, to create the brand in 2009. Susan Pate, along with her daughter Chloe Pate, helped her realize her dream and together they created Apple Park.

Park Mission

The name "Apple Park" represents the ideals that define the brand.

The word "apple" stands for a new beginning, the life cycle, nature, love, curiosity and education.

"Park" refers to a place where man has collaborated with nature for the purpose of preservation and enjoyment.

Apple Park's mission is to create unique, lovable and stimulating toys from organic, sustainable and recycled materials.

Green Promise

Safe for children, better for the environment, and always beautifully green… that’s the Apple Park Promise.


蘋果公園成立於舊金山,其願景是為嬰幼兒創造對環境負責的豪華產品。 Apple Park的Picnic Pals受到經典兒童玩具的啟發,並使用最優質的環保材料進行了重新發明。

Apple Park的創始人汀安琪(Angie Ting)來自一個經驗豐富的玩具製造商家庭,著眼於兩個孩子,著手打造環保產品系列。她對嬰兒健康,環境和傳統農業帶來的社會問題的關注是她的靈感。她與知名的舊金山設計公司Pate International建立了合作夥伴關係,該公司以環保意識著稱,於2009年創立了該品牌。Susan Pate和她的女兒Chloe Pate幫助她實現了自己的夢想,並共同創建了Apple Park 。


“ Apple Park”這個名稱代表了定義品牌的理想。



Apple Park的使命是用有機,可持續和可循環利用的材料製造獨特,可愛且具有刺激性的玩具。


對兒童安全,對環境更有利,並且總是美麗的綠色……這就是Apple Park Promise。

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