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is crafted for Adventure Seekers. Spot a person wearing a threadbare Coal hat and chances are, they’ll recall the exact moment they got it and can easily recount the many memories they’ve made while wearing it. Since 2002, we’ve been designing headwear to accompany style-conscious athletes, adventurers, creatives, and tastemakers on endeavors that span the globe. Our people aren’t the type to take their passions or their style lightly. Neither are we. That’s why we pour every ounce of our creative energy into each piece that gets the Coal label. Every Coal hat is built on the foundation of fit, fashion, and function. We’ve got you covered for wherever your next adventure takes you.


Coal set out in 2002 to redefine what a headwear brand could be. With a vision for a line of high-quality, beautifully functional headwear intended for—and inspired by—our friends and families, we blazed trail through an industry that dismissed headwear as an afterthought accessory. What started as a humble side hustle drawing from deep roots in art, skate, and snowboard culture, has evolved into a respected lifestyle brand with global reach.

Since the beginning, we’ve remained true to that original vision while discovering exciting new sources of design inspiration, evolving our product offering, and growing our Coal tribe. We’re proud that original Coal styles like the Frena, launched in 2004, have had an outsized influence on headwear trends in outdoor fashion. All these years later, we’re still doing what we love, continuing to introduce design, materials, and craftsmanship innovations to excite an ever-growing community of loyal fans.

From the beginning, the Coal tradition has always been about evolution. We’re honored to keep carrying the torch and forging connections with adventurers around the globe.






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