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MWC was founded in 1974 by Wolfgang Obrigheimer - although he manufactured a limited number of watches in the mid 1960's. Wolfgang continues to be involved with the company and still assists with some design concepts and although he is now in his 80s and enjoying his partial retirement his interest in watches remains undiminished.

Our main design office, accounts and contract sales staff are still based in Zürich, Switzerland where the company began and Wolfgang's son Michael plays a leading role in the day to day operation of the company. Over the last two decades we have established offices, service and distribution facilities in several other countries with manufacturing facilities both in Switzerland and Germany.

From a retail perspective MWC operates in a wide variety of locations worldwide through a network of distributors and retail outlets in 36 locations including the EU, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea and many other countries.

MWC are now one one of the world leading suppliers of robust military specification timepieces, not just to individual buyers and the military but also to police forces, anti terrorist units, airlines, mining companies, specialist marine security units, shipping and salvage organisations and a diverse variety of government agencies and departments. 

MWC由Wolfgang Obrigheimer於1974年創立 - 儘管他在1960年代中期製造了數量有限的手錶。Wolfgang繼續參與該公司並提供一些設計概念,儘管他現在已經80多歲並享受部分退休,但他對手錶的興趣仍未減弱。




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