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Kleman | France

An authentic workwear style

The Kleman shoes (Cleon manufacture) were initially dedicated to firefighters and militaries seeking security, robustness and quality. Several ranges are en-20347 normalized and ensure anti slip protection, abrasion resistance, material safety. The manufacture of our products is exclusively made in France in our factory in Anjou. This collection of workwear shoes for men reflects the authenticity, sometimes playing the freshness.

Kleman shoes have survived the trends effects by offering a raw and authentic unisex style. Our models will appeal to those who are looking for efficiency in a pure and uncompromising style.  The PADROR derby and other boots or sneakers references have remained unchanged since the 1980s: a sober and functional worker's shoe that now dresses a new generation of talented city dwellers around the world.  Kleman makes the professional shoe a real accessory of a Workwear fashion inspired by vintage and authenticity.

Kleman鞋(Cleon製造商)最初專用於尋求安全性,堅固性和質量的消防員和軍人。 幾個範圍均已通過en-20347規範化,可確保防滑保護,耐磨性和材料安全性。 我們產品的製造完全在法國安茹的工廠進行。 此系列男式工作服鞋體現出真實性,有時會帶來新鮮感。

Kleman鞋通過提供原始而真實的男女通用風格而在趨勢影響中倖存下來。 我們的模型將吸引那些追求純正而不妥協的效率的人。 自1980年代以來,PADROR derby和其他靴子或運動鞋的參考文獻一直未變:清醒實用的工人鞋現在為全球新一代有才華的城市居民穿著。 Kleman使專業鞋成為工作服時尚的真正配飾,靈感來自年份和真實性。

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