• 103 button-facing short sleeve

    This is the design inspired by the original flea market find that started it all. Originally made in 1911, this redesigned worker’s buttoned shirt kept the authentic design of the neckline, the patch button border made of cotton and the fabric-clad buttons – a real eye-catcher for sure. Now and then, the added neck patch proves invaluable for every hard working man.

    For over a hundred years, the fabric blend used for this shirt was a popular substitute for the expensive Maco-cotton from Egypt. Even today, the comfortable haptics can hold its own – this shirt may be a revision, but isn’t it an original piece nonetheless?


    • Maco-Imit, 67% cotton / 33% viscose
    • 1-thread, 130 gr. (4,6 oz.), made on loop wheeler
    • natural, light fabric for maximum comfort for your skin
    • soft and comfortable structure

    Form & Fit:

    • slim, but still comfortable cut
    • straight hem
    • maximum comfort: due to circular knitting and therefore no side seams
    • ca. 2cm extra length, as garment will shrink in the first wash


    • patch button border made of cloth
    • authentic fabric-clad buttons
    • remarkable, puristic neckline design
    • interior neck patch
    • authentic flat knitted cuffs on sleeves
    • maximum comfort: triangular patch under the arms
    • gentle to the skin, free of chemical additives
    • eco friendly: no industrial prewash
    • completely made in Germany