The Lot.850 is the most modern fit of all jeans made by Burgas Plus. A slightly shallow rise and a moderate amount of space around the hips, the sharp straight fit is a sophisticated silhouette that is easy to match
not only casual but also jacket style.

The cloth used is a unique one with a different coat color in Burgas Plus. 15.3 ounces of denim knitted
with indigo as warp and thick yarn of sulfur dyed black as weft, have a strong unevenness and are more than heavy. It is a matte dark navy shade that is close to black, but it gradually fades as you wear it and wash it repeatedly, and the color fades clearly. It's chic and urban jeans.

BURGUS PLUS 850-ST 15oz Indigo x Black Selvedge Slim Tapered Jeans