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is a traditional Metal Smith workshop in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Using classic methods and the highest-quality materials, we hand-forge our collection of unisex & utilitarian goods. Each timeless piece is ready for everyday use, and comes to life on our ever-growing fleet of antique anvils. Our unique tool kit spans the 18th-21st centuries. Our mission has always been to make durable and beautiful items, intended to last a lifetime.

Each collection is a direct reflection of the materials and tools used to make it. Our designs are largely informed by the elegant transition of line weight that is inherent to the forging process. Our minimal but distinct aesthetic is achieved by employing classic tapers and flares. 

Studebaker Metals是賓夕法尼亞州匹茲堡的傳統金屬製造工作室。 我們使用經典方法和最優質的材料,手工打造我們的男女皆宜和實用商品系列。 每一件永恆的作品都為日常使用做好準備,並在我們不斷增長的古董鐵砧上栩栩如生。 我們獨特的工具套件涵蓋了18至21世紀。 我們的使命始終是製作耐用美觀的產品,旨在持續一生。


每個系列都直接反映了用於製作它的材料和工具。 我們的設計很大程度上歸功於鍛造過程固有的線條重量的優雅過渡。 採用經典的錐形和喇叭形,實現了極簡但獨特的美感。

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