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Two Moon

We’ve had a keen interest in the thought and art of the Native Americans.  One day, we happened to come across the following passages. "Indians didn't create art or beauty for the sake of art or beauty.  From the beginning, there was no such thing as art or beauty in their minds.  Distinctions between art and living, and beauty and function were not needed for them."

Our concept of making things is very closes their thinking.  Thus, we named our clothes "Two Moon" after the Cheyenne chief.  Since the time when an anthropoid started walking erect, the posture of human begins has barely changed.  Today, new designs are introduced one after another for the unchanged posture.  And, it is called "Fashion" This is not what we want.  We want to create "tools to put on" in order to make today's living.  It is not so-called fashion.  Ostentation and egoism are all ignored for this reason.  Easy wear and easy movement are at the center of our thinking.  This concept brought the items such as the Tee shirt, sweats and chino pants. We are confident that they are the clothes most suited to the name "Two Moon".

我們對美洲原住民的思想和藝術產生了濃厚的興趣。有一天,我們碰巧見了以下段落。 “印第安人不是為了藝術或美麗而創造藝術或美麗。從一開始,他們就沒有藝術或美麗之類的東西。他們不需要藝術與生活之間的區別,也不需要美與功能之間的區別。 ”

我們製造事物的概念非常接近他們的思維。因此,我們以夏安酋長的名字命名我們的衣服為“ Two Moon”。自從類人猿開始直立行走以來,人類的姿勢幾乎沒有改變。如今,以不變的姿勢陸續推出了新的設計。而且,它被稱為“時尚”,這不是我們想要的。我們要創造“穿上工具”以謀生。這不是所謂的時尚。因此,無視和自我主義都被忽略了。易磨損且易移動是我們思想的核心。這個概念帶來了諸如T卹,汗水和斜紋棉布褲子之類的物品。我們相信它們是最適合“兩個月亮”這個名字的衣服。

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